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The type of work we undertake spans across a wide range; from extensions, refurbishments and alterations to new homes, contemporary homes, greenfield site development, listed buildings and barn conversions.

We ensure all work is harmonious and in keeping with the period of the property, maintaining and conserving its features, matching the new with the old in the property.

We also work with our partners to provide landscaping or even passive house building. All projects are run to successful completions with precision and are of highest standards.

Any decision you make to do with your home is critical. In some cases you may need to run an idea past an experienced professional to bring about some clarity. Whether you already have in mind the type of improvement you’d like to make or are in the stages of planning or even unsure if a scheme would work and add value to your home, we can help , guide and advise you accordingly.

We work in partnership with planners, architects, engineers, quantity surveyors and building control, helping and assisting in your decision making at every step of the way.

“Our architect at the time enjoyed a wonderful relationship with you and you met all challenges with diplomacy and skilful building practice. We then went on to build a little house at the bottom of our garden in 1997, again using your marvellous company and the same architect. We were delighted with the finished studio house and when we put it on the rental market we had competing bids for it immediately. “


The company employs a team of reliable and trustworthy professionals who are highly skilled in their areas of expertise. Over the years the team has forged great working relationships with architects, surveyors, engineers and other professionals involved. The team of ground workers, joiners, carpenters, electric and plumbing engineers work closely with each other to bring about the client’s dream to life no matter how challenging or complex.

“Most important of all to Graham and myself, given that you are a great building company – is the high calibre of the team that you employ. They have been universally a joy to have in the house, kind and considerate beyond any expectation, to the point that I actually miss them when they are no longer with us… I only hope that if we decide to build again in the future we can do so with you.” 


We practice a transparent pricing policy and provide detailed costings with no hidden or extra charges.
At each stage of the project, we make every effort to bring you cost savings. In certain cases where extras are likely and can incur, these are discussed with the clients and agreed first.

“In 2013 we decided to build again. It is a sign of our total confidence in you that without any thought of putting the project out to tender we would not even consider doing a building project without you at the helm. Our new architect was a little surprised until he saw the professional pricing detail and then with delight met your fantastic crew. His comment at the end of this new project, in which we turned the studio house into a 2 bedroomed house with an extended downstairs sitting room (a complete re build), was that you and all who work for you are ‘old fashioned craftsmen of the highest order’. “

“…Your pricing builds in contingency costs, which are adjusted according to the actual time and cost that you have encountered along the way. This has frequently worked in our favour with the actual cost of the build going down when the provisions you have considered wise at the start of a project have not been needed”


We feel strongly about our responsibility to the environment and society as a whole . Keeping up with new thinking and developments is essential to ensure we use the kind of processes in house building that would protect the environment around us.

Throughout the process, we employ passive design practices using sustainable building material and maximising the use of natural resources where possible. Building ‘green’ can reduce energy consumption by using energy efficient methods and ultimately saving money for our clients.

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Richard Coles Builders Ltd is a member of The Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB).

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